We are addicted to consuming...

“Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns”

You have a big house, a nice car, leather sofa, latest electronics, a Rolex watch, dressing at fashion trend... And you want more, wish to upgrade your house, your car, your taste of clothes, that new cutting-edge electronic product released last week from CES... You probably still need another wardrobe, bigger TV, that end table, the new rocking chair, that red pair of heels, do not forget that new season handbag from Gucci...

Look at you, life is so successful. You have everything everyone wants.

Above are all the things I went through in my recent years of life, always think there are better things out there. Now, I am living in this capitalism country, I earn enough and I can buy almost everything I want. But still, I kept feeling meaningless in my life, and I keep trying to find sth new to make me feel great. Every time I am into a thing that I really really want, I buy it, the excitement lasts minutes, or maybe few days, then it's gone.

I realized it cannot bring me continuous satisfaction. Owning those things are basically living a life based on how this society want you to be. Imagine all the videos, marketing events, magazines, billboard, influencers... They are all trying to define what a “good” life look like, and sell them to you. I read this today and it explains it well: https://www.collaborativefund.com/blog/gains/

The big lie that I trusted for a long time is “ YOU DESERVE THIS!” It captured everyone's mind, the underlying message is: you have been working hard, you went through a lot, you are better than you thought you are, you really deserve this (this means consuming your money).

We are so addicted to this eagerness of consuming things.

We think we are in control of our lives by owning more, but we are actually losing the control of our lives by letting this ego consume us. We are not any more trying to find the meaning of our lives, but the one who want to own more to show people how good we are.

Find peace in my mind. Take control of my life. I am committed.

SLU, Seattle, WA