New life times

I woke up 5 seconds before my alarm rings at 6:30 am Looking out from the window, it's pretty dark, not sure its like this last week Then I saw a message from a friend who just settled down in Stockholm, who supposed to join me in Seattle in March, 2020. Pandemic changed his plan. He said I have a home in Sweden if I ever be able to travel to EU again.

Life started to get into a new routine: – Hand making my own coffee, Storyville whole coffee beans from Bainbridge – Toasted whole wheat bread, a slice of smoked salmon, half sliced avocado – Listening to an Audible book on my Echo. [The Goal] by Eliyahu M. Goldratt – Stretch, Sit, Check my emails – New day started

I would never imagined this could be me 6 months ago. Happy new life times

SLU, Seattle, WA